As one of the most common supplement products in the bodybuilding and weight training world, creatine has got people wondering about its efficacy. The benefits of creatine are explored in this article. Read on!

Article At A Glance

  • Creatine is not just a synthetic product — it is also naturally occurring
  • Creatine is often used by people who do weight training and body building
  • The efficacy of creatine varies from one person to another
Creatine is a naturally-occurring substance that is also synthesized to be used as a weight training supplement. Appearing in powder or tablet form, it is formed from amino acids and plays a role in converting food into energy.
Creatine can be deduced from eating protein-rich products in our diets, and it comes mostly from meat such as beef and fish. Our bodies can also create our own creatine supply from the food that we eat.
Creatine, in most weight training circles, is also known as a popular (and somewhat) controversial body-enhancing supplement. Many popular athletes use creatine because of their belief that it enhances performance during sports. Even bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenneger and Joe Weider are known to have used it at one point in their quest for the perfect body.

What are the benefits of creatine?

The potential benefits of creatine may depend on the person using it and the way the body of that person works. There are so many factors in play here — ranging from age, body type, fitness level, diet, and athletic activity — to even call out an accurate effect of creatine.

However, there are some proof and evidence that creatine actually helps muscles recover faster by storing water. Creatine is proven to help store water in the muscle, making the muscles look bigger than usual. The water retention then helps the water recover faster, and it can help modestly with sports that require sudden energy bursts. Athletes engaged in sports such as sprinting and weightlifting can benefit slightly from the water retained in their muscles to help create the energy burst that they need.

Evidence that creatine can help boost stamina and vitality isn’t that concrete as of today though. But since ingesting creatine causes water retention in the muscles, it can be used to create a bigger muscle mass perfect for those who are into bodybuilding competition.

Available in powder or tablet form, creatine can be helpful to you in some ways. Do not expect it to become the “magic pill” though. Creatine only helps in small ways to improve your performance, but you still need to invest sweat and hardwork to really see the results of your training.