According to the American Journal Of Epidemiology, there is a big chance that you could age a lot faster if you live a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting too much, the new study warns, makes cells grow much more older biologically than their age. Read more to find out:

Article At A Glance

  • Living a sedentary lifestyle can make your cells biological age older
  • People who sit a lot and do nothing also feel weaker
  • Exercise and getting fit by working out improves cell health

A new research just showed that sitting around a lot can make your cells grow “tired” and “old”. In a study published by the American Journal Of Epidemiology, nearly 1,500 older women were engaged and it was found out that those who sat most of the day and got little to no exercise at all had cells that were biologically older by almost eight years than their actual age. This is a breakthrough study that makes exercising and working out a lot more important that what they seem.

“Our study found cells age faster with a sedentary lifestyle. Chronological age doesn’t always match biological age,” said lead author Aladdin Shadyab.

Cells Age Faster If You Don’t Move Around

According to the study, cells age faster and feel “older” if there are no movements involved in the body a.k.a. a person is living a totally sedentary lifestyle. In the study, women aged 64 to 95, answered questionnaires and wore a device for seven days to track their activity levels. While the study doesn’t establish a cause-and-effect relationship between accelerated aging and lack of exercise, discussions about the benefits of exercise are being brought up and about.

When we are young, and physical activity is still viable, it should continue to become a part of our daily lives. Exercising helps not only rid our bodies of fats and cholesterol that might block our arteries, but it also helps us get healthier — mentally, physically, psychologically and even spiritually in cases of yoga and meditation.

With this in mind, exercising becomes a much more important task. If your cells grows older when you are just sitting around and doing nothing, wouldn’t you want to reverse the situation? Moving around, running, walking, jogging and doing mild sports is a great way to start fixing this problem at a young age. Don’t wait for old age to catch up on you before you make the necessary actions to protect your health. As early as you can, try to fix the lifestyle habits that might affect your health in the future.