Building muscles and getting ripped is not only centered around eating food. You also have to be smart about what you eat in order to gain the most protein without getting too fat. Interested to get bigger this upcoming Summer season? Here is an article that can help you achieve a bigger frame — without adding too much fat in the process.

Article At A Glance

  • Weight training isn’t all about lifting weights.
  • You need to eat the right types of food in order to get bigger the right way
  • The best type of food for bulking up should be rich in protein but low in fat

Summer season is closely approaching. As the Winter season comes to a close, it is just right for you to start preparing your body if you want to get ripped and fit come Summer time. With that in mind, most people are not really looking at the food that they eat whenever they start weight training. In all honesty, this can be detrimental because you may never achieve the body that you want even if you life weights if you eat the wrong type of food.

Like the old adage goes, “a great body is made in the kitchen, not in the gym”, and this is actually very true in most situations. Your gains in the gym would amount to nothing if you don’t eat the right stuff, so you should always go for a low-fat, high protein food. Below are 3 of the most important protein sources that you can consume if you want to start building the dream body just in time for Summer


Egg Whites

Pound for pound, egg whites are still the body builder’s dream food. Not only is it cheap and accessible but it is also very high in protein and low in calories. Boiling 3 to 5 eggs and eating them right after you work out is the best way to get bigger without adding too much fat into your frame. If you are in the cutting phase and you really don’t want to add some unneeded pounds, make sure to take away the egg yolk.

Grilled tuna or chicken breast

Next to egg whites, this is probably the best food to add into your diet if you are trying to get bigger with muscles and you don’t want the extra fat. Tune and chicken breast are considered as one of the best protein-heavy food that you can add to your meal, and the flavor is not that awful too! Add some veggies and you are surely good to go!

Whey or Casein Drink

A good whey or casein drink is also essential right after your workout as it really builds up your metabolism and drinking it right after lifting ensures faster absorption into the muscles. Refrain from adding sugar to avoid the extra unneeded calories!


Eating well is also a prerequisite of getting bigger, and the food listed here are some of the best ones to add to your diet if you want to bulk up with protein and not fat. So the next time you head for the gym, make sure you have added these food into your meal for post-workout consumption!